Why I LOVE The Selection Series?

by - Saturday, September 20, 2014

My sister recommended this book to me before and it's just a few days ago that I had the time to read it. After my exciting and thrilling adventure with the Maze Runner by James Dashner and finally finishing Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay, I got the interest to read this young adult novel by Kiera Cass.

My Review:

I know this is supposed to be a craft blog but I really wanted to share this to you guys. I promise this would be short.

Okay, this is not the type of book that I usually like but Kiera Cass hooked me up. The Selection Series is like a modern fairy tale. A story about an ordinary girl who got lucky to be picked out to join a contest for the love of the prince and the responsibility of a princess as the grand prize. Not mentioning the lovely book cover, the story is really enthralling for me.  As a kid, I grew up reading fairy tales and this one made me go back to those times in which "happily ever after" is always the perfect ending. 

I love the story and I think America's beauty and bravery (and impulsiveness) made her the right girl to be called a "princess." Maxon's gentle manners made me love him more than Aspen's protector instincts because gentlemen are nowhere to be seen these days. They are so rare. 

The whole story revolved around the contest "The Selection" wherein the prince is going to select his wife-to-be and the princess-to-be from the 35 girls competing. It's just lovely. So, if you wanted to read something light, a bit classical and dystopian, The Selection Series is a good good read. 

By the way, The Selection Series is composed of the Selection, the Elite and the One. And I happened to finish them all in a week, which is so far the shortest time I consumed on reading a trilogy. And this is actually my 11th book this year. Remember my 2014 goals here. And I'm happy I got my hands on these books. I certainly hope this would have a movie adaptation soon. 

Have a nice Read!!

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