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NESCAFE Cappuccino is the most indulgent coffee I've ever had

By Thursday, November 06, 2014 ,

Everyday is a brand new day! Yesterday, I just shared that I've been feeling down lately but now, little by little I can say that I am moving on.

It is always hard to find motivation to continue what you are doing. But if only you would start acting and stop thinking, change will come. And with that, I decided to start my day right. 

I woke up earlier just to catch up a few minutes with my sister before she heads to school. That's achievement # 1. Then, I ate my hotdog and egg breakfast and get ready for the day. 

First thing, I checked my email and my blog for recent comments and started with my daily chores.I also browsed the latest posts of the bloggers I followed and just by reading their blogs, I know today's gonna be alright. The sun is up but with the cool breeze, I can say that the weather is great. After 2 hours in front of my desktop, I decided to wash my laptop bag since it's sunny outside. It was one of my to-do lists since September and it's only now that I found some time to do it. Achievement # 2. 

Then, lunch came. Since I am not working anymore "after lunch" time became my "me" time. For today, I decided to search for tips on how to increase your self-esteem, how to be motivated, tips on how to take care of yourself and all that. This is my way of spending my leisure time. Reading tips and how-to's. That way I get to relaxed and at the same time learn. 

Of course, reading makes me sleepy at times and there's no better way to stay awake than a good cup of delicious cappuccino. And when I say cappuccino I don't mean heading to the nearest expensive coffee shop and spend hundreds for a cup of coffee. 

I love coffee even it's one of the drinks that I should really take into moderation. But what can I do? Coffee is really enticing especially cappuccinos. One of my personal favorite is the NESCAFE Cappuccino and it's the most indulgent coffee that I ever had. When I say the "most" indulgent, it means that I've tried several cups of different coffee brands and only Nescafe Cappuccino soothes my taste. 

What I like about Nescafe Cappuccino aside from it's rich and creamy taste, is the additional coffee foam and choco sprinkles that comes free with every sachet. It's a fun way to have to your own cup of cappuccino. It's deliciously foamy like the expensive-coffee-shop-way. It's amazing how Nescafe came up with the foam idea (I literally have to lick it up) plus the choco sprinkles that you can add on top of your cup are yummy too. You should try Nescafe Cappuccino. A sachet only costs less than 25 pesos. 

And a cup of this coffee is enough to make me feel better about myself. I enjoyed my free time and I know I deserved a delicious cup of coffee that's less expensive yet even better. This really made my afternoon "me" time motivating. So, if you want some change and you need a motivation, indulge with a cup of Nescafe Cappuccino and you're good to go!

How about you guys? How's your day so far?

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