What Happened Lately? (November)

by - Thursday, November 06, 2014

Yeah! What happened lately? 

To answer the question, I'd like to apologize first, for being inactive since I don't know (pretty much when I started with my job). I'd been busy with work for the past 8 months since last year and when I finally resigned from work, school stuff got in the way. I only spent 2 days a week at school but I felt busy at home. I had some chores to do of course, but mostly I spent my hours in front of my netbook just browsing social media sites and reading anything the web offers me. After sometime, I got bored and turned my attention on reading books. Reading is what I've been doing the whole month of September and October. And thankfully I finished my 14 book goal this year.

Then, I diverted my motivations on making some cupcakes as you can read on my last post here. I really enjoyed the baking process, it's like making crafts which you can eat afterwards. It's also relaxing in the sense that you just focus your mind on the measurements and wait until the cupcakes are done. But the best part is the taste test! Aside from those slightly remarkable things that I did, I spent my time watching television, movies, playing the guitar (which I don't know if i'm playing it correctly or not) and sleeping. You know, I can really be a couch potato if I want to. 

But apart from those unproductive activities, I realized that I haven't accomplished anything this past 3 months. Well, I've finished my school requirements but I still find it unsatisfying. I don't know maybe I just feel down nowadays. Because I've set my personal goals but most of them were not fulfilled. Specifically, I've shared that I wanted to take the licensure exam this year but unluckily, I was not able to meet all the requirements before the deadline. Then, I wanted to take the civil service exam but every time I want to set up a schedule the exam slots would all be occupied. I also scheduled my research data-gathering procedures but things didn't turned out well. And the list goes on.

Right now, I'm so disappointed with myself. 

But I know I must stand up on my own and take things maturely, the way a 24-year old takes things on her own way. So, starting today I promised my self not to think about negative things and focus more on my objectives. If I want to achieve my goals I should start moving. Don't let negative stuff enter my mind and think only about positive outcomes. Smile and let God guide you. It's not late to make November a more crafty month, right?

So, to start off those good vibes, I just wanted to share a few Christmas Crafts that you can try. I found them on the web with the links below. Please check them out and spread the Christmas Vibes!!!

Happy Thursday!!

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