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by - Saturday, November 08, 2014

December is almost here and November would only pass by in a blink of an eye. This means that the Christmas aura is here again. Wohooo! It's time for shopping!

If you are thinking of a better gift to give this season, I have an advice for you. If you want something that would be useful, lasting and would surely make your love ones' lives excellent here's the perfect thing for you.

Why don't you try the best of Taiwan's products which are all sealed with excellence?

Yeah, you read it right. They are really sealed with excellence.

Well, who among you haven't heard of  ACER, ASUS and HTC? I'm sure you know the standards of these products. They are just some of the brands under the TAIWAN EXCELLENCE campaign.

What is Taiwan Excellence?

Taiwan Excellence is currently here in the Philippines to give consumers, like us a better list of shopping options. Since, we, Filipinos have embraced the online shopping phenomenon just to get hold of the goods and services offered by different countries around the world, now, Taiwan Excellence brought their products here. 

The Taiwan Excellence campaign was launched by the Taiwan government here in the Philippines to promote top quality Taiwanese brands and products to us. It is organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), R. O. C. Taiwan and implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). It is a part of the 5 year plan of MOEA way back in 1980's to uplift Taiwan's International competitiveness by supporting its local brands. Then, the Taiwan Excellence Award campaign was established later in 1992. After that, they continue to search for top quality products.

This the first time we are given the opportunity to discover and try a range of Taiwanese products with the seal of quality. The campaign will introduce 56 top quality brands and these brands will be bringing in 175 products on information and communication technologies, home and living, and sports and leisure. Isn't that good? We would be able to know high quality products from Taiwan.

How would we know that their products can be trusted in terms of quality?

The seal of excellence awarded to each brand assures the consumers that these products were carefully tested and evaluated.

Each Taiwan based brands are eligible to be part of the campaign. It can be a product for business IT, fashion, arts and culture, sports, education, transportation and others. Then, each product will undergo testing in which each product was scored based on its R&D, design, quality and marketing by an international panel of judges. On this process, a product must score evenly in all four categories. And only products who gained enough score after the thorough evaluation will be allowed to carry the Taiwan Excellence Seal. 

Not only that, to help consumers decide even better they gave different awards to each product. From all the selected products who passed the evaluation, the judges will choose who deserves a Silver and Gold Award. Only the top ten products will have the Gold Award and the remaining finalist gained the Silver Award. 

The Taiwan Excellence campaign carry the theme "Excellent Lifestyle" not only to show us the excellent brands from Taiwan but also to let us recognize and experience how their products can make our lifestyle excellent. Today, the campaign helps Filipinos distinguish best Taiwan-made products and encourages consumers to make educated purchase.

What can we benefit from the campaign?

The campaign encourages us to make intelligent choices when purchasing things that we need and want. They are inviting us to look after the quality of the product. If you are a wise consumer like me, I would not buy a certain product because it's "in", it's cheaper or it's what most people use. I would certainly be after the quality. This campaign would help us make the right choices because they assure us that their Seal of Excellence means getting the most out of our money and making our lifestyles easier and outstanding.

Based on my experience, I am in no doubt that the brands under the Taiwan Excellence campaign can be trusted with quality. I've been a fan of these (ACER, ASUS, TRANSCEND, HTC) brands for quite some time. So, if you want to know more about the products of Taiwan which bears the TAIWAN EXCELLENCE SEAL just go to their website and see for yourself.

Or follow their Facebook Account:

These goodies would be an excellent Christmas gift to your loved ones. 

Happy Shopping!

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