DIY Easy 2015 Monthly Planner

by - Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hey guys! What a great way to start the year than planning your 365 days ahead?

Honestly speaking I am a true-to-heart planner. I always wanted to do things according to schedule and I'm a big fan of Planners. Any planner will do as long as it organizes my day it's alright with me.

So, I thought why not try making my very own planner? 

It sounds complicated but it's actually simple. You just have to know the basics. 

Things we need: 

Printed layout of a monthly view planner (I made mine on MS Word and just added shapes and cool tumblr pics)

cardboard for your cover

thread to bind all the pages (a big stapler will do too)

How To:

First, you have to make your own monthly view planner for all the 12 months of the year. You can check some cool ideas here. I made mine using MS Word by inserting tables, shapes and photos from Tumblr.

The size and the pattern is up to you. You can use a whole short bond paper for each month for a large size planner. You can also opt making a back-to-back layout like a real notebook planner. I made the back-to-back one with 2 month view each side (back and front).

Check the link here if you want to use my layout. 

Note: If you're going to use my layout you have to print pages 1 to 4 first. Then, print pages 5 to 8 on the other side of the first 4 pages. Page 1 is to page 5, page 2 is to page 6 and so on. After printing, fold the paper in halves (crosswise) and cut. Arrange them by month. And fold again in half (lengthwise).

After printing your calendar layout. You can simply staple the pages together using a big stapler. But since we don't have one at home. I chose to sew my planner. Watch this YouTube video to know how I sew my planner. 

You can glue pictures and scrapbook designs on your cover. You can paint them or just doodle anything that you want. And that's it!

Easy right? Here are some cute planners to inspire you more.

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  1. ang nice! anong printer gamit mu?


    1. hi neri! i used canon pixma printer :)

  2. Very lovely DIYs ;)
    Making your own planner is definitely smarter and more fun than simply buying one. It's so nice I stumbled upon your blog. The name's like a sister of my blog LOL
    Btw, I'm hosting a Pre-Valentines day giveaway, 6 3D pop-out cards to be given away. Hope you check 'em out and join --> Thanks!


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