DIY Recycled Stick-On Goal Board

by - Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hey Readers! How's your weekend?

I felt so blessed this past 5 days because the Holy Father came to the Philippines. Pope Francis came here for a Papal Visit and everyone was overwhelmed by his presence. He is the very reminder that God is with us and that we are not alone in this world no matter where you are. Even though I am just watching him from the television he radiates kindness and optimism. We really felt his holy presence. And we are very much thankful because he knew that Filipinos needed him to strengthen our faith to God.

Now, the Pope was back to Vatican and so our lives are back to normal. Everyone has there own ways of perceiving the event. As for me, I know that he visited us to spread the Words of God and to remind us that it is okay to cry, to dream and it is okay to beg; and Be kind to the needy. That God is always there for us. He would not be tired of forgiving all our sins so we don't have to be tired of doing what is right and just.

And to set things right I was inspired to make a recycled DIY.

I made this super easy diy Recycled Stick-On Goal Board where I can stick all my sticky note reminders and organize them so I get track of the things that I have to prioritize. I decided to just place it on my working table for the mean time. But I'm planning to hang it across my bed so that even I am lying down on my bed I get to see those reminders and colored papers easily.

Things we need:

-cardboard of any size - here I used a cake board that we got last Christmas, you can use illustration board as well but make sure to cover it with something smooth so you easily stick your sticky notes.

-gift wrappers or decorative paper



What to do:

Simply decorate your Goal board with the decorative papers that you want. You can also spice this up using cute photos and stickers. Use the marker to divide your goal board. I divided mine into three but it's totally up to you. I have my Goals section for the month, my Assignments section and my Things-to-do section. And then, make little sticky notes for your goals this day or this week or even for the whole month. And it's done.

Happy Crafting!

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