Hey there New Year!

by - Saturday, January 03, 2015

Hey guys! How's the 3rd day of the year? I hope everyone is still having a good time. I do hope Christmas and New Year holidays would be a bit longer but that would be impossible. We have to go back to work and school (which is the sad part).

Anyway, the 3rd day of January had been good to me. And just in case you would want to know, I had a haircut just recently. It was actually the haircut that I hated way back when I was in high school but since it's kinda "in" I gave it another try. I just did the haircut myself. Yeah! It's a very easy D-I-Y. In three simple steps you can have your new haircut too. First, you just have to ponytail your hair using 2 rubber bands about an inch apart. Make sure it's positioned on the length that you want to achieve. Then, cut the hair in between the 2 rubber bands. Lastly, cut excess hair and style. If you didn't get me just check this video here. I think it turned out good. Plus, my head feels lighter.

I also baked some cupcakes with the chocolate ganache. I just googled the ganache recipe and it went great. The moment I tried out making my own frosting I promise to share my easy recipe with you. But for now, I am still experimenting on everything.

And since it's a new year, we better start planning and scheduling our concerns. To make this task organized and crafty check out what I found at thetaylor-house. They are giving away free calendar printables that are so pretty. Check out their awesome blog and be inspired to print your own calendar. 

Have a crafty first week of January!

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